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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Brake Rotors, High Performance & Stock

When you apply the brakes, you feel a pulsation through the brake pedal and even the steering wheel. You wonder how the brakes and steering are interconnected and what is causing the pulsation. How can it be prevented, and how can it be corrected? And most important, is it a safety issue? Rest of the story- click here
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I’ve had a New MINI Cooper for about a year I’ve been wanting to make some changes/mods to it and I was wondering if Dimpled Rotors affect the driving performance (due to its weight) of my MINI? I've done some research and I feel like they’re a pretty good set to exchange from my regular solid ones.

I've found the YouTube Channel Engineering Explained has a very good video on cross drilled/slotted/dimpled rotors. The weight difference for dimpled rotors isn't much - but if you're looking for every last ounce then that is an easy place to look. The best performing brakes are larger diameter rotors and aggressive compound pads - keeping in mind that for the most part - better  stopping performance = lower brake life. Most "big brake kits" come with drilled rotors for that sporty look.


for a simple brake rotor upgrade check out the stoptech rotors here: G3NMK2600
and for an upgrade that includes racing calipers and pads the wilwood set here: G3NMB2401RED

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