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BMW Mini Cooper

 Minis and Mokes in the Tennessee Mountains Event!

 Created by: SCUM
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Aug 1, 2021 12:42AM Alex  
Jul 21, 2021 09:56AM SCUM  
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 Posted: Aug 1, 2021 12:42AM
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Just as they open up transAtlantic travel again you go and put this on so that is clashes with Revival...

 Posted: Jul 21, 2021 09:56AM
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September 17,18,19  At Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville, TN which is just West of Knoxville.
Call the park at 931-484-1638 for reservations and mention Mini Cooper to get in the block of campsites.
Also there is a 10% discount if you are over age 62!  Contact Mike McMillan at for any questions.  Time for some fun with Minis again!

SCUM #2. "Life is too short to own just one classic Mini!"