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BMW Mini Cooper
Shipping Your Ribcase Gearbox
Created: February 21, 2019
We have a variety of rebuilt gearbox options available for your Classic Mini. You can trust our decades of skill & experience and our technical knowledge with this important piece of your Minis DNA.
Vintage Race Car Engines
Created: October 11, 2018
At Mini Mania we'll get your engine up to speed and help you get your Classic Mini across the finish line!
Vintage Race Car Differentials
Created: October 05, 2018
At Mini Mania we'll help you get your Classic Mini across the finish line with our high performance differentials and parts. We do tune-ups to!
Vintage Race Car Transmission and Gearbox
Created: October 05, 2018
At Mini Mania we'll get your transmission and gearbox up to speed and help you get your Classic Mini across the finish line!
Vintage Race Car Suspension
Created: October 05, 2018
At Mini Mania we'll help you get your Vintage Mini across the finish line with the help of our supply of high performance suspension!
Vintage Race Car Services from Mini Mania
Created: October 03, 2018
Welcome to our Vintage Car Race Services! Here you'll find everything you need for your next race.
Mini Mania Speed Shop
Created: November 29, 2018
Our 40 plus years of rebuilding experience means whatever your dream engine looks, feels, and sounds like is just a phone call away. Mini Mania's Speed Shop is open to everyone wanting to take their Mini, Sprite and Midget, or Morris Minor engine to the next level of performance.
Classic Mini Engine Performance Enhancement - A DIY Guide
Created: June 19, 2000
Standard Minis have always been slower than their handling was capable of. Fortunately, many people have devoted their careers to making Minis go faster. As a result, you can fit your Mini with a double overhead cam 16 valve cylinder head, a turbocharger, and programmable electronic fuel injection.
Need Your Mini's Transmission Rebuilt?
Created: July 27, 2017
We want to rebuild your classic Austin Mini transmission! Our expertise spans decades. Check out available gearbox options here! Always feel free to contact us with questions...we're here to help.
Performance and Racing Parts for Classic Mini Cooper
Created: March 27, 2020
Performance Upgrades That Make a Difference
Basic Autocross Techniques
Created: September 19, 2012
Competitive autocrossing is a great alternative or supplement to track days. In autocross events, yours is the only car on the course while you’re running, so you don’t need to worry about anyone else getting in your way, or worse. Speeds are typically slower than on the track, so if something should go wrong, you are more likely to be able to deal with it than you might on the track.
Keeping safe in a Mini Cooper
Created: October 01, 2010
Under the heading of protecting vital components, you’ve discovered by now that a safety helmet is required for most track days and autocross competitions.
Created: January 24, 2007
Place a Mini Mania banner and link on your home page, and earn a 5% commission on all on-line sales made through your website. No set-up fees, minimum sales levels or other hidden charges; you'll receive a check every six months.
Still A Legend - The Mini Cooper Land Speed Record
Created: November 15, 2006
And now a new record has been established for the Mini in the US - A Land Speed Record at the Bonneville salt flats! The little square econo box Mini was never intended to out of the city yet alone on the salt flats.
Created: October 05, 2001
For those who have any racing tendencies, I'm going to be dealing with basic preparations that will enable you to compete in any of the many motorsport disciplines and be reasonably competitive - but above all to be mechanically reliable and enjoy yourself.
Walter Mitty Race Report
Created: May 20, 2013
Phil Wicks Racing The Mitty Road Atlanta – Braselton GA – April 26-29, 2013 RACE REPORT The Walter Mitty road races at Road Atlanta is probably the biggest and most significant vintage racing on the east coast. Just as in Formula 1 Grand Prix cars and all forms of racing “if you are ...
Solo II Autocross Novice Handbook
Created: March 22, 2002
Mini, MINI, Moke or whatever, Autocross is a great way to have loads of fun with your favorite car while competing at regional or national levels. This Novice Handbook will get you started!
Vintage Race Mini
Created: March 27, 2000
Setting up any car for racing can be a very daunting task for the inexperienced, and setting up the famous little British shoe box can be even more so. The small size makes it feel like a toy car but the front wheel drive is not very common in race preparation books. The Mini was one of the first mass produced front wheel drive cars and was immediately know for it’s great handling
KAD Mini Cooper Performance Parts
Created: July 22, 2015
KAD Kent Auto Developments produce super high performance parts for the Classic Mini Cooper
Racing Videos
Mini Cooper Vintage Race at Lime Rock Park
Created: December 05, 2018
The Father & Son of Team Mini Mania is at it again, this time at Lime Rock Park during the annual historic event.
COTA B- Sedan SVRA Vintage Race
Created: November 13, 2018
US Vintage Racing National Championship at Circuit of The Americas (COTA).
CSRG 15th Annual Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway
Created: October 11, 2018
Don Racine, owner of Mini Mania, went to the CSRG 15th Annual Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway to compete for an great cause.
Vintage Mini Cooper Street Race At Snowmass, CO
Created: October 02, 2018
Mini Mania went into the mountains to take over the streets of Snowmass, Colorado. In this video Don Racine is racing a Vintage Mini Cooper with RMVR in this Snowmass street race. Watch and see what happened!
Father & Son Racing Classic Mini's at Hallet
Created: October 01, 2018
In this video we go to Pawnee, Oklahoma to show some father-son competition. Don and his son are racing Classic Mini Coopers at the Hallet Motor Racing Circuit. This track that has 10 turns in 1.8 miles and over 80 feet of elevation.
Vintage Mini Cooper Race Videos
Created: August 10, 2018
Exciting Vintage Race Videos of Mini Mania Classic Mini Racers
Coronado Speed Festival 2011 Vintage Mini Cooper Race
Created: August 10, 2018
Video of Don racing at the Coronado Speed Festival 2011.
Mini Mania's Don Racine Vintage Racing in Australia
Created: August 10, 2018
Mini Mania's video of Don Racine racing in Australia.
Classic Mini Vintage Race CSRG with Don Racine
Created: August 10, 2018
Video of Classic Mini Vintage Race CSRG with Don Racine