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BMW Mini Cooper
Vtec Conversions
Video: VTEC Mini at A Classic Car Meet Will they hate it?
Created: April 05, 2021
What happens when you take a VTEC Mini to a Classic Mini Car Meet? Will they hate it? Check out Might Car Mods awesome video. The answers may surprise you.
Shipping VTec Engines Estimated Costs
Created: March 23, 2021
Estimated Shipping Costs for VTEC Engines
VIDEO: When Classic Roots Revive a VTEC Build
Created: December 09, 2019
When Classic Roots Revive a VTEC Build This video explores the story behind the a great Classic Mini. Felix's lifelong journey with classic cars has without a doubt influenced this build. Many folks have stuffed the Honda B18 VTEC engine into this chassis, but Felix's seasoned taste and eye for detail set this car apart. Do what moves you. Enjoy.
3 Reasons to Install a VTEC Engine
Created: May 02, 2018
Don't miss out on the savings . 10% off our popular VTEC B Series Kit  and B-Series Upgrade!  Plus, 5% off all other VTEC upgrades!  Sale Ends Jan 12, 2019 so don't delay!
RHD Steering VTEC Conversion Kit Instructions For Mini Cooper
Created: September 20, 2016
Easily convert your RHD Mini to Honda VTEC Power with our simple steering modification Kit and this handy installation guide. Please note - this will not convert your Mini from LHD to RHD, but will allow you to retain your RHD Mini when using our MTD or MTB2 Kits.
HS-Racing VTEC Race Mini
Created: May 19, 2011
This is the story about HS-Racing in Sweden.It started with a dream, a dream to be fast and furious, but most of all - HAVING FUN !
Max's Clubman VTEC
Created: March 10, 2011
1974 Clubman Wagon For Sale It's a New Zealand 1974 Clubman Estate.Since I bought this car it's never stopped changing.
Supercharged VTEC All-Wheel-Drive 2.0L Mini Clubman Estate!
Created: July 23, 2010
MINI Countryman? Please. Here's a REAL AWD Mini. Oh yeah, and it's SUPERCHARGED with a VTEC too.
400HP AWD VTEC Mini Traveller!
Created: April 02, 2010
Engine - Honda K20A2 VTEC out of 2004 Acura RSX Type S
Created: November 06, 2009
The MTAA-B Series Kit was designed to install Honda’s B Series DOHC engines into the Austin America, Morris, MG, Riley, Vanden Plas, Wolseley, 1100's, and 1300's. , upgrading the Classic Austin America's A-Series engine with today’s most trusted engines built by Honda.
VTEC Conversion Kit MTK Installation Manual
Created: March 19, 2009
VTEC Conversion Kit MTK Installation Manual courtesy of
Locating a VTEC Engine and Application
Created: March 19, 2009
Locating a VTEC motor for your mini conversion.
VTEC Conversion Kit MTB2 Installation Manual
Created: March 19, 2009
VTEC Conversion Kit MTB2 Installation Manual
VTEC Video
Created: June 11, 2008
Some videos of Vtec Mini's on the track and on the dyno.
Classic Mini Honda K Series Engine Conversion Swap Instructions
Created: November 02, 2007
This kit was designed to help put you on the right track when building your ultimate Mini. With the help of this MTK Kit, you will soon be driving your super-fast Mini. We’ll do all we can to help keep your project moving along.
MTD Installation Manual for Classic Minis 1959-2001
Created: October 04, 2007
The purpose of this kit is to make your Honda VTEC installation easy and hassle free. We have taken the research and development headaches out of the install so that you do not have to deal with all of that.
Mini TEC VTEC Mini
Created: August 23, 2006
Once upon a time when the mountains were young, import-car buyers were avant-garde. These half-mad radicals thought nothing of trading in a perfectly good De Soto Firesweep for—whoa!—an English car! They craved something quirky and agile like a Morris Minor or Hillman Minx that worked. Worked! Started every morning. Lasted decades. Sold for cheap. Of course, you nod, they wanted a BMC Mini, but engineered by Honda.
Honda B-Series Conversion: MT10000 Installation Instructions
Created: August 11, 2006
The MT-B Kit will make your Honda VTEC installation easy and hassle-free, putting you on the road in no time in a super-fast Mini!