Mini Derivative Models 1964 to 1991
–Heritage Motor Center, Gaydon, Warwick. UK

I certainly would not have even had this copy if my wifie had mentioned that Father Christmas had not received my wish-list yet and I had better pull my head out of my Mini-Moke engine hole if he was going to get me something by Christmas this year. (2005 Common Era).
So, in order to gain a few minutes peace & get back to my engine hole on the Moke  I directed wifie to the Mini Mania web site & asked for her to get me something ‘Moke-ish’ to read.
Thinking that the “Heritage Motor Center’s” publication “Mini Derivative Models 1964 to 1991” was going to be a paper-back publication of photographs & stories that I could read on my next plane trip she was kind of disappointed when a CD came in the mail.
This seemingly innocuous Compact disk with it’s image of a Moke on the cover belies that which lies within……..
‘You can’t tell a book by its cover’ nor seemingly a CD either.

It’s not until you read lower down on the case that the phrase “A range of original Parts Books, Workshop Manuals & Owners Handbooks” catches your eye & you contemplate  (in my case) ‘I wonder if the part number for my missing windscreen wiper assembly is in here?’
So, casually, I drop it into the CD drive and wait while it loads (the CD itself has a copy of Acrobat Reader to run if your PC does not already have it – I have Adobe version 6 so this step was not required).
Then my jaw dropped, never before have I seen what a “mother lode” looks like but I have a fair idea now! If there is any original Mini publication/owner’s manual/parts list/workshop publication that is not on this CD then you can slap my thighs & call me Susan!
1837 Pages of material such as (but not limited to) Dealer Workshop Manuals, Service manuals,  Dealer Parts Books, Owner & Driver Handbooks etc.
Parts Publications:-
Mini-Moke  Parts Publications 1966 to 1969 (plus Australian models).
Mini-Moke Body Service book.
Authi Mini 1965to 1975 Parts Fiche.
Innocenti Mini 1965 to 1975 Parts Fiche.
Era Mini Turbo 1989 to 1991 Parts Fiche.

Workshop Manual Publications:-
Mini, all models from 1964 to 1991, with Australian supplements.
Mini, all models 1976 to 1991 Service Manuals.

Owners Manuals for the Mini-Moke, Australian Moke & Mini turbo.

Plus service tool explanations, descriptions & cross references.

My only critisism (and it may be my PC) is that you don’t seem to be able to reduce down the screen to the lower task bar & continue at a later time. This is frustrating as you have to then navigate back to where you once were, through several menus. (The quantity of information on this CD means that you will occasionally forget where you were!)

The workshop manual covers the Saloon, Countryman, Traveler, Clubman, Estate, Van, Pick-up & Moke. (Covering engines from the 849 to 1275 GT, Cooper & Cooper ‘S’).

The disclaimer notes the “ This manual is intended to assist the skilled mechanic in carrying out repairs & replacements in a minimum of time”. However, the explanations given are straightforward and should in my opinion assist those with only rudimentary mechanical knowledge.

As far as the ease of reading the contents, I was impressed by the indexing of the chapters, sub chapters & individual pages. A very friendly menu indeed.
In the Workshop Manual, for instance, the table of contents are:-
Introduction, Data Contents, General Data (including torque wrench settings), & Tuning Data.
Maintenance follows, covering Lubricants, Fluids, Anti-freeze, Capacities & Routine Maintenance operations.
The following sections then cover, Engine, Ignition, Cooling system, Fuel system, Clutch, Transmission, Drive shafts, Rear suspension, Steering, Front suspension, Hydraulic dampers, Braking system, Electrical, Body, Service Tools and Emission controls.

Then there are the parts publications - 809 pages of them, General information – 20 pages, Engine – 34 pages, Transmission – 32 pages, Electrical 29 pages etc! And this is just the Mini-Moke mechanical parts, the body parts constitute another 35 pages!

As if this were not enough, the CD also has the same repeated for the Authi (short for ‘authentic’ ?) Mini, the Innocenti Mini and the ERA Mini Turbo!

Following this there are the drivers/owners handbooks; Mini Moke, Mini Moke – Australian, and ERA Mini Turbo a total of nearly 200 pages.

So, in summing up, I have to say that this CD is the best single resource that I have on the Mini. Not as I thought just the Moke but (as far as I can see) every model ever produced.
Certainly the best value for money I have yet to see or to own. Yes, there are other, more specialized publications regarding tuning, handling upgrades, body modifications etc, but for  Maintenance & a parts recourse this CD has an unparalleled quantity of information.
Thanks to Mini Mania for offering it, and to Heritage for publishing it, and to Gaydon for letting me be born there!
Martin P. Greenbank, January 17, 2006.