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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Front Door - Wind Up Window Type

MINI Catalog Page 12-41
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Part No



BMP322 1
Door for wind up windows R/H,
BMP323 1
Door for wind up windows L/H,
CZH3300 1
Door skin Right Hand MK3 & Later
MS11R 1
Door skin, R/H, aftermarket
CZH3301 1
Door skin Left Hand MK3 & later models
MS11L 1
Door skin, L/H, aftermarket
CZH202 1
Upper hinge R/H
CZH203 1
Upper hinge L/H
CZH212 2
Lower hinge
ALA6381 4
Metal washer / spacer
ADA5671 2
Door check arm
CLZ412 2
Clevis pin
CZH4052 1
Door check arm seal R/H
CZH4053 1
Door check arm seal L/H
CGE10038 1
Door check arm seal R/H 1986 on
CGE10039 1
Door check arm seal L/H 1986 on
CZH3528 1
Lock assembly R/H
CZH3529 1
Lock assembly L/H
10  SF604101 8
Screw for lock
11  CZH616 1
Lock control assembly R/H
No Longer Available
11  CZH617 1
Lock control assembly L/H
No Longer Available
11  EKU100020MMM 1
Lock control R/H, 1993 on
Use U-EKU100020MMM
11  EKU100030MMM 1
Lock control L/H, 1993 on
Use EKU100030MMM
12  GHF1021 8
Plastic nut
Use GFK3428
13  CZH640 1
Remote control R/H
Use U-CZH640
13  CZH641 1
Remote control L/H
Use U-CZH641
14  13H2899 2
Link clip, was CZA2509
15  CZH611 2
Lock control plastic bezel, Black
16  JPC8387PA 2
Door opening plastic handle, was 34G2529
16  G283 2
Door opening chrome handle, without escutcheon
17  PMP308 2
Screw for handle, use PMZ308
Use PMZ308
18  CZH627 2
Striker lock
19  CZH628 2
Plug for strike plate hole
No Longer Available
20  SF604061 A/R
Screw for striker and door hinge
21  CZD1184 1
Striker plate R/H
Use CZG5254
21  CZD1185 1
Striker plate L/H
Use CZG5254
21  CZG5254 2
Striker plate 1990 on
22  CZD1350 2
Plate seal rubber retainer
No Longer Available
23  CZD1351 2
Plate seal rubber
No Longer Available
24  CZH762 2
Door pull handle
25  CZH763 4
Handle end boss, Chrome
No Longer Available
26  CZH886 1
Locking handle assembly, Chrome R/H
26  CZH887 1
Locking handle assembly, Chrome L/H
26  CZH1785 1
Locking handl set, doors & boot
Not Shown
26  JRC2841 1
Locking handle assembly, Black R/H
No Longer Available
26  JRC2842 1
Locking handle assembly, Black L/H
No Longer Available
26  JRC8180 1
Locking handle assembly, Nimbus R/H
No Longer Available
26  JRC8181 1
Locking handle assembly, Nimbus L/H
No Longer Available
27  37H6519 2
Operating link retainer
28  ALA5795 2
Handle large gasket
29  CZH1729 2
Handle small gasket
30  CGA2835MS 2
Door seal
31  ALA7613 2
Door seal plastic kick strip
No Longer Available
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