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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Grommets

MINI Catalog Page 12-37
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14A7031 2
Hole in flitch, has centre hole, was RFR208, not Clubman
3F90 1
Fuel line grommet
No Longer Available
14A7033 A/R
Wiring through body, boot floor, number plate 1970 on
11/16" OD with 1/8" ID hole
RFN403 1
Petrol vent pipe through floor
9/16" OD 1/8" ID
AYA10003 1
Dash for windscreen washer tube 1993 on
No Longer Available
CAM5969 2
Choke and heater cable through body
2H7274 A/R
Flitch buffer (4), luggage strap hole (3)
RFR210 A/R
Dash panel (1 or 2) Estate rear door
RFR220 2
Subframe tower hole, dry pre 1976
Use GMT549
14A7081 A/R
Front/rear floor, unused Speedo hole
GMT548 A/R
Front/rear floor, unused Speedo hole, aftermarket PVC
14A7090 A/R
Wiper arm holes, Rear floor, seat pan (5), battery box (2)
Fills 13/16" holes
14A7091 A/R
Radius arm shroud, ariel, steering column, rear seat
For 7/8" holes
CZG778 1
Wiper rack to dash
13H1954 1
Boot floor except Estate
ALA4466 2
Latest front panel where spotlamps fit
13H8998 4
Mirror holes on doors
14G6856 2
Bonnet buffer
34G3651 1
Grommet for heater hose through bulkhead
Use 600395 .75"ID, 1"OD
CLP6235 1
5/8" Heater Hoses Through Bulkhead
AYB10020 2
Retangular A post, 1985 on
14A6733 1
Master cylinder and engine stabilizer bracket (single line brake)
ALA6505 1
Master cylinder and engine stabilizer bracket (Dual line brake)
NAM9197 1
Seating gasket, was ALA6598
ALA7530 1
Top strengthening plate
14A9780 2
Rear boot board bracket
10  14A9781 2
Side bracket with plug except Hornet / Elf
11  ALH1473 2
Plug for 14A9781
12  14A9782 1
Centre bracket with support buffer
13  2H9215 1
Support buffer for 14A9782 (requires cutting)
14  14A9783 1
Bracket, underside of boot board
15  14A6730 1
Bracket, engine stabilizer, weld to bulkhead
16  MSSK1500 1
Bracket, engine stabilizer, bolt-on kit
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