Bill Gilcrease

Mincomp had been brewing for several years by the time it was finally born in 1981. Bill Gilcrease worked (remember this was the early-80’s, so no wincing) for a company that specialized in converting Ferraris and Lamborghinis, among other exotic cars, into open-top cars. “It’s funny how things go round”’ he laughs, ”Those same cars are being converted back now.” In 1982, as Mincomp grew and his GT5 car came together, he decided it was time to turn his interests into Mini’s into a full-time occupation. He hasn’t looked back.

Bill and his turtles occupy a startingly clean premises in Costa Mesa, California where he restores cars, builds engines and creates racecars. And he’s successful…

“He costs good money”, one customer told me, “but he does good work.” He refuses, for example, to create wild engines for cars without first doing appropriate brake upgrades. Mercenary or safety conscious, you decide. There are about three top-flight Mini guys in the area and Bill’s one of them.

Letter from Bill

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Mincomp's Corner

Winners circle: SCCA 2006 Runoffs

Bill and his green Mini
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